Are You considering Starting a Business?

Starting a business from scratch is likely to be one of the biggest life steps that you will ever undertake.

It makes sense to invest time and money to ensure that you create a successful and valuable asset which lives up to your expectations, and minimises the risks along the way.

At Better Business Accountants our role is to help you appreciate the issues and make informed judgements as to how to proceed.

Having assisted clients in this situation previously we would like you to benefit from our experience.

Attached to this web page is a report that you can down load that will help with making a choice as to what structures are aviable for you to use for your new business. Although this is just a very small part of the many decisions you need to make, it is an important one.

If you are serious about making the right decisions then we also recommend you make a time to see us, for a free hour to review the business you are considering starting.

This is a no obligation free meeting. In this meeting we will:

  • Consider the viability of your proposal
  • Consider experience and expertise required
  • Ascertain capital and cash flow requirements
  • Ascertain what services we can offer to you to make this process easier for you.

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