Smile, it’s good for business

What do Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern and Bill English (and John Key before him) have in common?

When they see a camera, they almost always smile. Smiling is most important when selling. And like all good sales people, politicians are constantly promoting their product.

Here's an example of a winning smile.

Jane’s father was dropping her off at school. She was nervous because today was public speaking day. She had prepared well but she needed to remember to smile. As her father wished her luck he said: “smile damn you, smile”. She remembered these words as she got up to speak and a smile crossed her lips. She won.

A receptionist is said to have a nice manner on the telephone. People say it feels like she's smiling down the phone. Do you know what – she probably is. Studies have shown people who smile when they're talking on the phone make a better impression.

If you're looking at changing a miserable face in your business, or elsewhere, give them a smile.

Everybody in your firm should be smiling. Are you setting an example? Smiles make everybody around you comfortable – and customers love it.