Finding the best app

With the huge number of organisations offering apps to help you run your business better, it's easy to be confused about what to invest in.  Xero connects with 500+ time saving apps and more information about the Xero connected apps can be found here.

Another place where you can find the app you might be looking for is

It's a site that says it enables you to “enhance your productivity and your business success”. It has a whole bunch of useful apps for small business, many of them free. It lists the apps in helpful software categories (and sub-categories) such as customer management, human resources, marketing, sales, IT management and more.

The site has at least 5000 apps to choose from, and about 170,000 reviews so you can see how others have rated them. Star ratings on each app give a fair indication of how well they've worked. There's also a “compare app” button so you can compare its features, rating and pricing with other similar apps.

The “top apps” button is also worth a look, just to see what's most popular.

We are also familiar with a lot of the apps and can help you with choosing and installing the right app for your business.