Writing Winning Proposals

Do you want to know how to write a winning proposal?  If your business relies on you sending quotes or proposals follow these 9 simple steps*:

1.       Situation appraisal – outline briefly why the project is needed. Not chapter and verse – less is more here – one or two sentences.

2.       Objectives – 4 or 5 things your client wants to achieve as a result of what you are offering them.  Objectives should focus on problems to be solved or goals to be achieved.

3.       Measures of success – how you will measure progress towards achieving those objectives.  Again, keep it simple and concise but make sure it’s measurable.

4.       Value - what will be gained from the project – financial and non-financial benefits to the customer.

5.       Accountabilities / expectations – how will you work together?  Include standard terms and conditions as an attachment if needed but don’t bog down the proposal with these in the main body.

6.       Timing – when will the project start and finish?

7.       Delivery – how will you deliver the proposed product or service? Consider 2 or 3 different options here that will achieve the stated objectives.

8.       Pricing and payment options – what will it cost for each of the options, when will you invoice and when is payment due.

9.       Acceptance – where does the customer identify which option they want and where do they sign to accept the proposal?

How well do your proposals fit this 9-step process?  Do you need to revise yours?  If you want help, please contact us and we can review yours with you.

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*Content adapted from Alan Weiss, Author of Million Dollar consulting.